Monday, September 29, 2008


Today we learned about the mnemonic AAAWWUBBIS. It stands for As, Although, After, While, When, Unless, Because, Before, If, and Since. When you begin a sentence with an AAAWWUBBIS word, you most likely are going to need a comma. You simply need to listen to where the sentence needs a pause, and insert a comma. Try this: Because we are in 5th grade we need to learn how to write clearly and well. Where is the pause? Right after the word "grade". Also AAAWWUBBIS (Ah-woo-bis) is kind of fun to holler when you are writing!

Hoy nosotros aprendimos sobre el “palabras que unen frases”. Palabras como: Aunque, Después de, Mientras, Cuando, A menos que, porque, antes de, Si, y Desde que. Cuando empezamos una frase con una palabra de “AAAWWUBBIS”, usted va a necesitar probablemente una coma. Escuche simplemente dónde la frase necesita una pausa e inserte una coma.
Inténtelo: Pues estamos en 5to. Grado nosotros necesitamos aprender a escribir claramente y bien. ¿Dónde es la pausa correcta después de la palabra?
¡También “AAAWWUBBIS” “Ah woo-bis” es agradable diversión gritar cuando usted está escribiendo!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! My nephew came home unable to explain this and of course without notes. I looked everywhere for an explanation on this and you were there to help.